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Camo Plummet is a brand new ‘Disruption’ camo style leadcore, ideal for constructing the ultimate low-viz leaders.

These new lead cores include a heavier gauge lead inner to make sure that leaders are pinned down tight to the lake or river bed, and incorporate Gardner’s unique Disruption colour sectioning to help the leader blend into their environment.

Two colour choices are available. The Camo-Green version has been developed to superbly blend in with weedy venues, and it works beautifully amongst pond weeds, where a high proportion of the lake bed is covered with filamentous silk weed, and where the lake bed is covered with Chod. For anglers fishing gravel, sand and clay pits, and those technical anglers that utilise a marker float whilst setting traps to be certain the spots are cleaned off, then the Camo brown is the perfect choice, and offers exceptional leader camouflage on all these types of lake bed.

In common with the other lead core leaders in the Gardner Plummet range, Camo Plummet features a tightly woven braided outer that ensures that it is both easy to splice and ultra reliable.

Supplied on handy 10m spools.

  • Superb tight woven braided outer, knots and splices easily.
  • Extra heavy 0.60mm lead inner ensures leader is pinned down tight to the lake bed.
  • Colours: Camo Green or Brown
  • 35Ib (15.9Kg) breaking strain.


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35Ib(15.9кг), зеленый 291.00 грн
Есть на складе!
35Ib(15.9кг), коричневый 291.00 грн
Есть на складе!

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