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Setting the angling world alight the all new RX3 sounder box is one of the best performing sounder boxes in its class, modern styling, superb build quality and awesome performance! The Micron RX3 Digital Receiver provides remote reception at ranges of up to 500 metres. Offering advanced facilities such as vibration alert and styled in a modern compact format, the RX3 fits easily in a pocket or sits discreetly on a bivvy table. All the items necessary to allow charging from the mains or the car are supplied, together with many other useful accessories.

The RX3 receiver incorporates an out-of-range warning tone, which will sound when the receiver recognises the transmission from a bite alarm is “breaking up”. Features include the following:

  • On/off/registration mode button
  • Volume control
  • 8 different volume settings
  • Vibration alert
  • Separate charging status LED
  • Interchangeable LED lenses
  • Low battery warning
  • Supplied with AC mains adapter and car charging kit
  • Magnetic holster for attaching to the bivvy
  • Up to 500 metres range
  • High output weatherproof speaker
  • Long life battery
  • Protective coated electronics
  • Digital circuitry
  • Sealed weatherproof case
  • Built-in charger for Nickel Metal-Hydride rechargeable batteries (supplied)
  • Can also operate from 2 x ‘AAA’ non-rechargeable alkaline batteries


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Код: CEI020
7500.00 грн
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